Effective January 1, 2014
Assembly Bill 1325
New Fictitious Business Name document
and procedures go into effect.

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Other county programs may differ.

The Metropolitan News Company

assists customers with the filing
and publication of their



The Metropolitan News Company would be pleased to help you comply with the filing and publication requirements of the relevant sections of the California Business and Professions Code.

If your business is in Los Angeles County...

When you return the completed fictitious business name statement to MNC, we will file it for you and immediately return to you a copy certified by the County Clerk. We will then publish the notice and file a proof of publication with the County Clerk as required by law.

The charge for filing and publication is $80
for one business name and one registrant. For each additional business name after the first one or each owner/partner after the first one...add $10.00

Make check payable to "Metropolitan News Company."

If your business is in another county... 

Send your fictitious business name statement to us to assure proper processing. Through Cal-Net, we will arrange for publication by an appropriate newspaper in the county in which the business is located and arrange to have a proof of publication provided to you. For pricing for other counties, please contact us.


By clicking on the button below, you will access a form which you can fill in online, print out, and sign. Or, you print out the form and fill it in usine black ink or a typewriter.

If a corporation or Limited Liability Company is filing, a copy of endorsed articles of incorporation or organization is required.

Rush service and name search services are available at an additional charge. Call for details.


Contact us...

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